To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.
Thomas Edison


We finally summerized results of the puzzle-contest announced by our Bureau during INTA 139th Annual Meeting in Barcelona. Participants were proposed to gather Latin letter “B” (being the first letter of the name “Benatov”) made of 9 parts. This wasn’t an easy task, and not many people could finally complete it.

We warmly congratulate our colleagues: 1. Dr. Marcell Kereszty – partner of Gödölle Kékes Mészáros & Szabó (Hungary). 2. Mrs. Annett Suchy – employee of Pavis (Germany). 3. Mr. Vinicius Bertozzi – partner of Pereira Bertozzi (Brasil). The winners will receive memorable gifts form our Bureau, and their clients – discounts off our attorney fees. Congratulations and thank you for being so inventive and persistant!
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