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Dr. Emil Benatov & Partners Ranked in the WTR 1000 for 2021!

After Dr. Samuil Benatov was noted as a “recommended expert” in the field of trademarks in Bulgaria in last year’s WTR 1000 – World Trademark Review, This year, he is once again in a high place in the rankings, and he is also joined by our senior trademark expert Ekaterina Popova. Samuil Benatov is described as “diligent", "who shows great respect and care for his clients. He does not just evaluate matter from a legal perspective; he also assesses its practicalities to come up with realistic solutions”. Ekaterina Popova is “warmly recommended” for her “scrupulous work ethic” and that she “is always up to date on legal precedent and puts in the time to develop her knowledge of the law, despite her already solid understanding of the subject. She is well networked, has an exceptional attitude and gives clients her full commitment and attention”. In addition, Dr. Emil Benatov & Partners is in the rankings as a firm for the first year, after a “wave of praise” from colleagues and patrons, as “one of the country’s oldest and most esteemed IP agencies”, managing “the portfolios of numerous prominent companies and maintains a strong presence in the courtroom”. “The team has utmost respect for each other and works together like a family, which brings tremendous value; it treats clients in the same manner and tends to their every need.” We are delighted and honoured to be recognised by our clients and colleagues and to be included in respected international rankings. This is testament to the quality of our work and the high level of our professionals. Our mission is to develop and implement practical IP solutions which will contribute to our clients’ commercial success, and we will continue to give our best in the new year 2021. Contact us for expert advice in the area of Trademarks.
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