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Last chance to register equivalent UK trademarks and designs following Brexit

As we wrote earlier, following the end of the Brexit transition period on 31 December 2020, European Trademarks and Designs are no longer valid in the UK. We would like to remind that 30 September 2021 is the final deadline for securing equivalent trademark and design protection in the UK for EUTMs and European Designs which were filed, but not yet registered, as at the end of the transition period. To secure this equivalent protection, an application must be made for a national UK TM or design, and the relevant UK fees must be paid. The UK applications must be identical to the earlier European ones, and the Brexit transition arrangements must be claimed in the application process. Doing this will allow your UK trademarks and designs to have the same application/priority dates as your earlier EU rights. These dates are important, as they determine when your protection starts, i.e. when you can use these rights to prohibit other persons to use your brands and products. Generally, the earlier the date, the better. It is important to act quickly, as the deadline is approaching and the UK government will not extend this opportunity beyond 30 September 2021. Contact Patent Bureau “Dr. Emil Benatov & Partners” for more information and advice on trademarks and designs and their protection internationally.
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