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Dr. Emil Benatov & Partners recognised in the latest WTR 1000 rankings

Dr. Emil Benatov & Partners has once again been recognised as a leading trademark firm in Bulgaria and Ukraine by World Trademark Review. In Bulgaria, Dr. Samuil Benatov, Ekaterina Popova and Magdalena Hamis were noted as top professionals in the field of trademarks with a "profound understanding of the trademark scene", "precise and client-focused attitude" and "close relationships with customs authorities". In Ukraine, Zinaida Reznytska was singled out as a "highly qualified specialist who quickly and accurately executes clients' orders". WTR identifies the top trademark firms and professionals around the globe based on extensive research and analysis and we are pleased that our hard work is recognized. We remain at our clients' disposal -including our office in Ukraine, which remains open even during times of war. Contact us for a consultation in Bulgaria and UkraineКоричневая-Винтажная-Фотоколлаж-Публикация-в-Facebook-wtr.png
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