To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.
Thomas Edison

Dear colleagues, clients and friends!

I’m delighted to welcome you on our updated website on behalf of the Patent Bureau "Dr. Emil Benatov & Partners".

Our Bureau was established in March 1993 by Dr. Emil Benatov and today it’s one of the most successful private companies in the field of intellectual property protection among the post-soviet countries. We provide a wide range of specialized services in Ukraine, Bulgaria, the European Union, and other countries.

The Bureau has its offices in Kyiv (Ukraine) and Sofia (Republic of Bulgaria).

Our clients are more than 4000 large companies and firms from across the globe.

The key to Bureau's success is the high professional level of our employees, their substantial work experience, the European quality of service, and affordable prices.

We easily find common language with our clients because we speak Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Russian, Lithuanian, English, Polish, German, and French.

We will be happy to cooperate with you and to establish long-term partnership!

Faithfully yours,
Dr. Samuil Benatov