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Industrial designs (Russia)

This object is registered:

  • For reliable protection against unfair competition
  • For effective advertising campaign
  • To include a design patent into the statutory fund as an intangible asset
  • To use a design patent which is an intangible asset as a pledge
  • For the customs service to ensure effective protection against import of counterfeit goods

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An industrial design (design patent) is the result of creative actions of a man in the area of design development and styling.

The objects of protection may be a shape, an image, the colour score or their combination which determine the appearance of the product and are used to meet aesthetic and ergonomic needs of people.

Industrial design registration is necessary to obtain the state-guaranteed privileges to use an industrial design including the enforcement of the right to prohibit the use of such intellectual property asset by third parties.

Both individuals and/or legal entities may be the holders of the property rights for an industrial design. Property rights for an industrial design may simultaneously belong to several legal entities and/or individuals. However, an author or the authors have a nonproperty right of author for an industrial design, which is an inalienable right and is subject to permanent protection.

An image (images) of claimed product is indicated in the first place in a title of protection, which is a design patent or a certificate of industrial design registration, because it is the appearance that determines the scope of rights protected by a title for the indicated intellectual property asset. When submitting an application, some countries ask for the description of the protected design, which usually is not published.

The territory covered by the protection of the registered design is always indicated in the title of protection. It may include one or several countries.

The validity of registration of the design patent is 10-20 years depending on the country (if relevant state fees are paid periodically).

It is important to remember the following: it is better to invest in protection of your original design before the start of sale of goods and services than to spend significantly more money in future to protect your products from unscrupulous competitors and intellectual property dealers.

In Russia, the qualifying examination system for applications to register industrial design is applied. This means that except for formal examination of absolute criteria (application correctness, correspondence to the principles of morality and ethics, etc.) the Patent Office of the Russia (FIIP) shall examine if a submitted industrial design meets criteria for registration (features of novelty and similarity).

The maximum validity of a design patent is 25 years. Design patent maintenance fee must be paid every year. Patents issued after the 1st of January 2015 shall be extended every 5 years.

You need to provide

  • A full name of an applicant or a company name including address
  • A name of an industrial design
  • An image of an industrial design
  • A full name of an author(s) including address
  • Priority document (optionally)
  • A power of attorney
  • Payment of official duties and patent attorney fees

Registration stages

  • 1-3 daysPreparation and filling of an application
  • until 12 monthsApplication examination
  • 4 monthsPublishing and delivery of a title of protection
  • until 4 monthsDesign patent extension

Titles of protection

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