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National phase for PCT in Italy (significant changes)

Finally, the PCT national phase was introduced in Italy. It used to be different: the PCT applications could only obtain patent protection in this country through European regional phase. Not all of them though. Only PCT applications filed on or after July 01, 2020 could benefit from the new procedure. Anyway, today PCT applicants may receive their patents in Italy much faster (in about 1 year instead of 2-4 years). It should be noted that for filing purposes the text of such “direct” application must be translated into Italian. The translation must be filed upon the entry of the Italian national phase or within two months from the date of entry. The deadline for entering into the Italian national phase is 30 months from the priority date or the filing date of the PCT application. It can be extended for two months by paying the applicable fee. The Italian Patent and Trademark Office takes into account the prior art cited by the International Search Authority to examine the PCT application. Our office will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding the PCT procedure, the national phase in Italy and in many other countries. Contact us!
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